Friday, June 19, 2009

Plus Size Clothing - Trendy to Classic

Is Loud & Outrageous the new black when it comes to plus size fashion?

While women of all ages have been clamoring for hip, stylish fashion in larger sizes for years, the result is that some clothing lines are obviously trying way too hard, especially when selling to teens.

Today, more clothing stores are finally answer the call for clothing in larger sizes, especially for the younger set. But ... will the styles get any better?

The initial response from the fashion industry seems to equate plus-size with airhead. "OK, we'll just go ahead and churn out the broad horizontal stripes, the puffy sleeves and loud prints and the clothes will fly off the shelves!" Yikes. Even skinny girls wouldn't be caught in some of this stuff.

If you want to experiment with the new thick horizontal lines, hothouse paisley prints and raucous colors, of course you're free to throw the rule book out the window.

But once you've got that out of your system, hold close to the traditional plus size do's and don'ts to pull off a classic, big diva look.

These are obvious, but may need repeating:
  • Buy the perfect bra. Not for nothing do they call them foundation garments. The perfect bra fit results in clothes that drape just beautifully for a perfect sillouette.
  • Wear clothes that fit. Even if you haven't put on weight since you last went shopping, the size you always wear doesn't mean that it matches what manufacturers say is a size 14. Buying a size too tight or too loose-fitting means you've thrown your money away on a look you won't feel comfortable in. Surf around on the Web, but be sure to visit the store TO TRY IT ON.

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