Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dressing for Your Body Type

There's the popular fantasy that there are some women now walking the planet who are blessed with ideal proportions.

That may be "true" in airbrushed fashion shoots or classical paintings, but the fact is nobody in the real world meets the criteria to win the title of "Miss Perfect Body".

However, there are lots of tips and tricks for making it appear that way. All you have to do is accentuate the positive and let the eye of your adoring public do the rest.

Long torso - Tall women's fashions look best well-fitted and with classical Greek goddess lines. If you're tall and slim you can easily create those desireable S-curves by simply adding a belt to whatever dress you're wearing. Not only will it bring attention to your waist, it will create the illusion of a fuller, curvier figure.

Oval or pear shaped - Slim down your silhouette with a top or dress in a dark or muted color featuring a deep V neck to create a vertical slimming effect. Earrings, necklaces and other accessories will also help bring attention up to your head and shoulders. The addition of subtle shoulder pads also helps transform your figure from oval to V shape.

Petite - Tired of other people challenging your stature? In addition to adding a high heel, a classic trick for appearing taller is simply by dressing yourself head to toe in a single color (i.e., tops and jeans) to aquire that long and lean look. Be sure to choose straight legged pants or jeans to accentuate the vertical illusion. When choosing skirts, show off your legs! - and avoid calf-length or ankle-length skirts that make you look shorter than you are.

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